FPC Meeting 9/9

The materials sub-committee starts at 3:30 p.m., full Facilities Planning Committee at 6:30 p.m. Plans for the high school are being wrapped up.

Then they will discuss Phase II, including floating ideas about consolidating some of the elementary schools.

High school core for 3000 and initial classroom space for 2500, and they still think Phase II will pass? What color is the sky in their world?

5 thoughts on “FPC Meeting 9/9”

  1. These folks still want the core for 3,000 students when there are 1,800 students now?

    Vote NO for the next referendum, whatever it is.

    We need new School Board members for the next election!!

  2. OK, the Police Station discussion will probably drop off the bottom of the page.

    I watched the Committee of the Whole from home.

    Mac–Great pinch hitting from the floor.

    Pevo–Way to dumb it down so folks ‘get it’ on what group pays what percentage of the proposed costs. That is too bad it still went over some of their heads.

    Alderman Simpson–Well it is about time this man started talking because he has a lot of good things to say. Perhaps in the past he made observations and learned, and now he feels comfortable in standing up and speaking out. Keep it up!

    Alderman Naylor–No guts, no glory.

    Chief Fiethen–This man should get an Academy Award for holding his temper after almost a decade of the city putzing around and not going anywhere with this.

    Oh boy, the five minute break is over . . . Here we go again . . .

  3. “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana

    The District must err on the side of caution for a change. They have been shortsighted and capricious in the past with regards to building options. Roberts School comes to mind. And open classrooms. And the middle schools. And now the high school. They need to plan realistically for the inevitable downturns and upswings before they do something drastic we may all regret.

  4. “floating ideas about consolidating some of the elementary schools”, eh? Why not start by abolishing the travesty that is the, ahem, “magnet” school of Wright Elementary and making it into a normal district school like that to which every other parent who didn’t “win” the lottery has to send their kids?

    Secondly, while they are busy “floating” ideas, it may explain why certain schools (like my own kid’s school) have an appalling lack of technology and much-needed facility updates!

  5. Hi Fiona–

    You are referring, I believe, to the story that Wright is the NIU profs’ school and not as “lottery-tastic” as they would have you believe.

    Malta Elementary and Wright will certainly be combined in the Wright building, that is if they are smart enough to save enough money during Phase 1 to do Phase 2 but that is not a given. Not only will Wright not go away, though, they are thinking about making Huntley into another magnet, at least the half that’s not Cheseborough migrants.

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