9 thoughts on “Algonquin Hires Community Development Director. Ours.”

  1. Perhaps DeKalb could NOT fill Russ’ position and instead have the City Manager be in charge of Community Development. That is how Sycamore structures it and they have a lot more construction going on than we do.

    Course I said that at the Budget Hearings and no one listened then either…..

  2. What did he see coming that we have not yet seen? With all of the development in the hopper, he certainly would seem to have had challenges galore and job security.

  3. I’m listening. Having the CM filling the spot for the time being sounds like a good idea, in keeping with the level of actual development going on as well as from a budgetary standpoint.

    As for what Mr. Farnum sees coming. It could be more bad news on the way, but just as likely some tensions came to a head. The comments so far are certainly indicative of the trust level though. How sad.

  4. I’ve actually found Farnum to be a straight up guy, at least in my dealings with him. He’s been far more responsive than anybody else at City Hall. To me, that makes him an odd fit. He also pre-dates Biernacki’s hiring as City Manager, so it may be the internal politics.

  5. Russ has always been responsive, even when I have disagreed with him on an issue. I’ve dealt with him for his entire time at DeKalb and always got the information I asked for very quickly. He’s actually changed my mind on a few issues by providing informative back up information.

    Most likely explanation for the move: (though just a guess). In public sector jobs promotions are few and far between within one organization. Major way people advance is through job changes to other cities.


  6. Herb has a good point. He may have moved to another city for a salary increase that would also considerably raise his IMRF pension benefits. Algonquin is largely built out, but may still offer a better salary in community development than we can afford here.

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