2nd Ward Open Thread

Is it just me, or are you surprised, too, that Mayor Polvsen hasn’t wrapped up the 2nd Ward aldermanic appointment? It is too bad that the 2nd Ward had no representation Monday night.

Both Ivan Krpan and Ed Pevonka have notified me that they have formally requested consideration for the spot. However, unless something has changed quite lately, neither has received a response, much less been interviewed. I know of no one else in the running and wish, as usual, that the process would open up a bit.

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  1. Yinn,

    I have received acknowledgement from Mayor Povlsen thanking me for being interested in the position. He also did email me the other day letting me know that he has put me on the list to be considered along with some other applicants and to be discussed along with any of the names that the other aldermen may come up with.

    He also did tell me that they would like to have the 2nd ward alderman chosen by the first meeting in September.

    After being involved with the FPC after the school referendum was passed and being able to serve on the police station advisory group, I do feel that I could help this community more by being involved at the council level and representing my home town city along with my neighbors in the 2nd ward.

    It would be nice to be able to step up and help this community, a community that has provided so much to our family over the years.


  2. I wrote an e-note supporting both Ed and Ivan, saying each are hard nosed people who pay attention to and respond to data on problems.

    Others might want to do likewise.

    Glad for an opportunity to have some input to Kris on this. Under both Greg and Bessie vacancies were filled quickly but privately.

    Current process could be much better but it is a step up.


  3. Holy Fake Ice Batman!!

    From the “Chronicle” comments, not one to miss:

    Calypso wrote on Aug 29, 2008 9:57 AM:
    ” Land acquisition: $1 million
    Site Demolition: $42,000
    Skating rink purchase: $75,000
    Cost of keeping site off property tax rolls: Unknown
    Underground tank removal: $15,000
    Cost of complications associated with tank removal: Unknown
    Site preparation: $15,000
    Public Works hours for setup, take down, storage: Unknown

    Walking four blocks west to the Lagoon: priceless “

  4. Well, whomever Calypso is, he, she, or they know how to do math.

    The Lagoon, however, is not available for skating in recent years than it used to be. As brutal as the last winter was with all of the snow, the lagoon did not freeze enough for skating.

  5. Thank goodness. I can think of worse things than outing people on the blog, but not many ;>)

    I love ice skating and am not against a rink in theory, but if this particular project was such a good idea, why aren’t people lining up to throw their own money into it? After all we now have our own downtown version of pay-to-play.


  6. Yinn

    One of the “tests” I would look at on this project is exactly what you are saying. Lets call it the “Entrepreneur Test” Renew says that this should pay for itself in 5 years soooo lets assume the following.

    75 K investment
    1/2 back to city for 5 years is estimated at 15k after a 50-50 split.
    Rink to be open 3 months of the year.

    If there were no split this would bring in 30k to one party.
    If the rink would be open for 6 months instead of three it would bring in 60k per year

    Given 15k in site improvement a 90k investment would be paid off in 1 1/2 years.

    So after 5 years a 90k investment would bring in 300k in income (granted no land included)

    If these numbers were correct there would be dozens of Entrepreneurs lined up to go into this business.

    I really question the return numbers that have been presented to date AND there are lots of other tests this project fails. IE: 1) the proper use of TIF funds test 2) the why is the City in the recreation business test 3) How does this improve the value of property test and 4) I thought we cut all services to the bare minimum due to a budget shortfall test


  7. What a slogan… Pay to play… :-)

    Pevo… sounds logical to me.

    1) If not for TIF… actually, I think the rink might pass this test because if it wasn’t fer TIF the idea would be dead in the water. If an entity wanted to locate such a business in the tif district and was asking for a TIF loan, I might support it… but not a 3 months of the year business.

    2) Ummm… the only logical answer would be the City is in the recreation business because it has too much time on its hand? I didn’t just say that.

    3) Well… ummm… lemme see…

    4) We did?

    Now here’s a scary thought… The Ice Rink opens on the corner of 1st and Locust… 10,000 people attend the grand opening… 9,982 of them need to rent skates… they pay the TIF money back after the 1st weekend… hundreds of people use the rink each day and 88.3% of them shop downtown and 72.4% of them eat at a downtown restaurant and, darn it, they tip well, too.

    Then Sax Fifth Avenue decides they want to build a five story building on that lot… 1st floor high end retail with 4 floors of residential for their top executives…

    Right after the announcement the protesters fill the park at 1st and Lincoln holding signs that say, “SAVE OUR SKATING RINK… SAX SUX”

    I didn’t just say that, either. But I did get my website migrated! :-)

  8. Well I see good old “Tax and Spend” Povlsen chose Tom Teresinski as his Aldermatic replacement for the 2nd ward. I have some concerns about Tom

    Regarding Teresinski Acting Mayor Povlsen was quoted saying:

    “He understands the tough decisions and public criticism and how to be fiscally sound,”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but, while on the DeKalb School board, didn’t Mr Teresinski vote in favor of Raising our property taxes though a number of school referenda? I wouldn’t exactly call that Fiscally sound from the taxpayer point of view.

    Additionally, wasn’t he also on the school board that awarded ridiculously HIGH salaries to our most recent school superintendents?

    Fiscally sound….??? UGGGHH!

  9. I think it is fair to ask Mr. Teresinski about his votes on raises and the like, but not sure how one can be prez of the school board and come out against a school-building referendum.

    Personally I’ve been impressed with what he brought to the city’s Financial Advisory Committee and the school district’s Facilities Planning Committee. He gets some points for opposing FPC’s proposal to pay referendum debt over a longer period of time and saying they should trim $10 million from the construction budget instead. He was also one of only 5 FPC members to vote against retaining a high school core for 3000 in the face of a plunging enrollment forecast.

  10. YINN – My concern with Mr Teresinski is with his actions while serving on the school board. I would have to agree that he did show some leadership in the financial advisory committee, even though our city council elected to ignore the advice of the committee.

    I hope he is willing to make decisions independent of the man who appointed him (Mr Povlsen) and the rest of our TAX and SPEND city council. If he chooses to follow in the footsteps of Mr Povlsen and the council, we can expect more tax increases and more out of control spending.

    On Monday (8/8), there is a TAX increase (for the new police Station) scheduled to be voted upon. It will be interesting to see if Mr Teresinki takes the high road or the low road on this crucial vote.

  11. Tom is a very good choice at this time for the 2nd ward and for the City of DeKalb. Tom is very good with numbers and does have a concern with how much something will affect the taxpayer. It has become very evident to me that Tom is very concerned with what happens in this community and his questioning and suggestions during the budget finance hearings also tells me the same thing.

    I would hope that Tom is respected enough by the other council members to listen to suggestions and concerns that he may have with matters as the funding of the police station, TIF spending with downtown and the budget for 2009 as they review the numbers as to how increases in sales taxes over the past months have either hurt or helped DeKalb.

    I would like to thank Tom again for stepping up for DeKalb when needed.

  12. Mr Charvat

    In reality the tax vote Monday night is not a tax to pay for a new police station. It is a vote to increase the overall spending of the City that will eventually pay for a new police station. The decision makers still have the ability to make decisions on how and what they spend the money on. This tax is needed because all other funds are used up paying for salaries and benefits that, quite frankly, the city cannot afford. The vote Monday may look like a vote to pay for a new police facility but in reality it is just to add dollars to the funds to keep paying for things they cannot afford.


  13. “It will be interesting to see if Mr Teresinki takes the high road or the low road on this crucial vote.”

    It’s not a matter of Tom taking the high road or the low road. It seems to be your way or the highway. How about we take the high road and keep an open mind about the new alderman and acting mayor.

  14. Ed-

    You are are right! We cannot afford to keep adding dollars to funds to keep paying for things we cannot afford. However, simple economics would tell me that if you INCREASE spending (to purchase a new Police facility), you will have to raise Taxes to pay for this increase in spending.

    Ed, as you know since you were present at the Aug 20th meeting, Mayor-select Povlsen is pushing HARD for a property tax increase. To quote Mr Povlsen from the Aug 20th meeting of the city council/finance committee:

    “Property tax is the best vehicle for bonding”


    Ivan, you make some good points regarding Mr Teresinki. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and a chance to prove himself. I hope he, unlike his aldermatic predecessor, will make fiscally sound decisions and hope he doesn’t lose sight that he is indeed representing the citizens of this community-NOT just our BLOATED City government.

  15. Mark has a good point. It sure seems like some (most?) of our elected officials forget they work for us. Hopefully, Mr. Teresinski will do right by the taxpayers tomorrow.

  16. Lord help us, heck forget running for my ward alderman position, by the time the council gets done with us, and by the time Wogen is up for re-election, I will have already moved out of this tax first ask questions later town, into Naperville, with more bang for the buck, and less tax/cost ratio.

    This makes me sick, how many times can they raise taxes on property in this town, or other taxes and continue to get away with it, the math is simple…

    if you don’t have the money to pay for it, then you simply can’t afford it…don’t do it and expect to pay for it later thru taxing the residents who are already taxed out of their gourds!!

    Damn it why won’t people become more fiscally responsible… I have a budget at my house, I stick by my budget, if I can’t afford something, I save for it until I can, or I simply don’t buy it…

    This town and the ability of its council/Mayor to continue doing things in the direction they are doing them makes me sick to my stomach…

    I tell the neighbors child when the Ice cream truck comes by, as he looks at the menu, and looks to see he has 75 cents, but wants the dollar item, its simple economics, he has 75 cents, and the item he wants is a dollar, guess he can’t buy it can he?…the Ice cream truck does not take credit or give out loans…so you buy an item that costs 75 cents, not try and deal for the item that costs a dollar…

    I know I am ranting, but I have not been more pissed at people running a town more so than I have at this one…

    My Taxes when I moved in were 1200 dollars per year, this was 6-7 years ago, my taxes now are closer to 4500. can someone honestly justify this?…they have nearly quadrupled in 6-7 years…simply amazing…yet we still have the same town, same infastructure, same broken sidewalks, streets, and problems, even more so than previously… and yet I pay more and more and more….I can understand costs going up, but not by four times in 6 – 7 years, if they keep this up, by the time I hit the next 7 years I will or could be paying 4 times what I am paying now… I don’t know about you, but nothing is worth paying 18 grand in taxes for per year…at that rate I could buy a nice new car each and every year I live here with the amount I would pay in taxes.


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