The Facilities Planning Committee will meet again Wednesday, August 20, at 6:30 p.m. Question: How many guests from the general public does it take to prevent heckling of FPC members who want to talk about downsizing the core of the new high school in response to the latest enrollment projections? Answer: More than 3.

The DeKalb Area Women’s Center is still in need of cleanup help resulting from the blown-over chimney. They haven’t had an estimator out so I’m not talking about getting on the roof yet, just about picking up the rubble from the ground. Let me know which of the next 3 weekends (NOT including this one, the 15th-16th) you’d be willing and able to join a work crew and whether a Friday or Saturday would suit you best. You can commit yourself here or via e-mail (yinn422ATyahooDOTcom). As soon as we have a group and a date I’ll find out whether we’ll need to rent a Dumpster so if anyone has inside info on that, let me know.

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  1. Off topic, but sent to me by a life-long resident:

    “Pearl Street: They want to put in “High Quality” housing between railroad tracks and a machine shop?

    I often get the feeling that the city manager would be happier than a pig in mud if an earthquake leveled everything from the river to Peace road and the subsequent fire burned out the remaining buildings so he could start over again and make it his. There’s a computer game called SimCity if you want to play with monopoly money and build your ideal city.”

  2. What!?

    OK, I do recall the referendum estimates of around $270 for a $200,000 house for the $110 million dollar schools project. Now this:


    says around $220 for a $200,000 house for a $17 million dollar police station.

    Are the borrow / payback schedules different or did someone goof somewhere with the math? How can we get a $110 school project for $270 for the $200K houses and a $17 million police station project for $220 for the $200K houses?

    I thought the bulk of speeding tickets goes to the state but other fines such as having the music turned up too loud at parties could be fined at the local level.

  3. Kay.

    I cannot speak for the schools but these are the “numbers” for the police facility.

    17 million borrowed at a rate of 05% would cost the owner of a home vauled at $200,000.00 an additional $133.00 per year.


  4. Sorry I cannot explain further in a rsuh to make a meeting. Not sure a ” price tag” has been established yet. These are just numbers for financing. If I recall 16m at 20 years would cost the average 200k homeowner 127. I do not recall the rate that was used. The first numbers used came straight from the August 6, 2008 back up material presented to the council.

    Again the “price” has not been determined as no bids or anyhting else have been discussed to my knowledge.


  5. Hi Ed,

    Thanks! I had not forgotten about the geographical boundaries. The $133 per year makes a lot more sense. Plus, that $270 for the schools is probably too low. :-(

  6. That $270 for the schools is probably too low–as in next year’s tax bills should come with a break-open vial of smelling salts, to be used in case of fainting . . . .

    I bet it will be higher than the referendum estimates. :-(

  7. Yinn, you are right. I know that I voted to recommend 16 million dollars as the cost of the building. I think they are taking the semi-final drawing and multiplying $300.00 square foot x 56,000 square feet.

    I personally would like to see the 56,000 square feet come in at 15.8 million dollars and make the Construction Manager meet this cost for what the police need. It was also estimated that going from 35,000 square feet to the 55,000 square feet would add $40.00 to a property of $200,000.00 value.

    My recommendation as also with the entire committee was to go to .79 cents per $100.00 not .80 cents like is being printed. .19 cents on the hundred for 16 million dollars. Now this is just our recommendation. The council can and will do what they wish.

  8. Kay, your first post is hardly off topic. I have long suspected that the goal of the administration in this city is to level it and start over so that it looks just like every other yuppie suburb. We have had a TIF district in the downtown area for well over 20 years. It has been extended several times. These are intended to eliminate blight and dilapidation, yet even after all that time, things there are still largely blighted and dilapidated. Where did all the TIF money go that should have been used to fix up the downtown? Probably Sycamore Road. Now, after years of neglect, we are to get some hard nosed inspections of these dilapidated and blighted structures so that they can be condemned and demolished. I used to live on Gurler Street there by Pearl Street. It was a run down neighborhood, but has been slowly coming back. The John Street area is a mix of students, families, and has a general Bohemian flavor. I suspect that it, too is in the cross hairs of City Hall. I fear that those neighborhoods which give DeKalb its unique character are going to be destroyed, in the name of diversity of course, so that we can look just like every other New Urban style monstrosity. The only thing I can see that will save DeKalb as it is, would be the upcoming collapse of the municipal bond market. One can only hope.

  9. Steve, you are not the first person to suggest that the tortured TIF boundaries and lack of results downtown signaled a Sycamore Road siphon. How else can it be explained?

    Pevo, have I said this before or only thought it: One of my friends from high school was/is Bohemian in both senses of the word and proud of both.

  10. Pevo, I am a Danish ethnic, but I am also the proud holder of a certificate given to me many years ago by Lumir Hulinsky declaring me to be a Certified Honorary Bohunk. I’ll be out there with you defending your ancestors, and my honorary ancestors.

  11. Some of my ancestors on my mother’s side were so crazy the Romans built a wall to keep them north.

    Sept: Dallas
    Clan: MacIntosh
    Religions: Presbyterian and Frugality
    Weapon of Choice: Claidheamh mòr


  12. Interesting! I received in the mail yesterday of a meeting notice. That meeting is for the police station financing and the police committee along with the finance committee are to meet Wednesday, August 20th at 6:00 pm at city hall.

    Problem is:

    Mac, Tom Teresinski, Ron Naylor, and myself have a school FPC meeting at 6:30pm at the school administration building.

    As important as both are, I have to pick the schools as the important meeting for this evening. It is a shame that we are all going to have to decide between 2 very important matters to this community right now.

    This is the evening where the numbers are discussed concerning low enrollment estimations now for the high school and what size the FPC is going to recommend to the school board. Many of us who are asking the hard questions are already outmanned by school district employees who are leaning with their votes to keep things pre referendum in design. I don’t need to explain to many of you that this would be a MAJOR mistake with what has happened since the referendum with regards to the economic status of this community.

    If they build according to pre referendum specs, we will be short of money. Due to the added costs of purchasing more land, road studies and roads to be widened and built, retention ponds to be built and the Cortland school now being built for 600plus students vs. the 400 students during the referendum. I don’t know how we are going to come in under $110 million.

    I really wish those with the FPC and those in the school district would step back and look at the new picture in front of us. We need to do the right thing now or this school district will:

    1. Not be able to pass another referendum in this community. You think the 3 out of 4 was difficult, you ain’t seen nothing if we fail this community with the $110 million. I think most of you agree, right?

    2. We are going to have too big of a high school with a shortage of students to help bring in state dollars. Lower and slower growth within the residential sector will also cause the commercial growth to slow down. Thus, less than anticipated revenue stream coming in from real estate taxes to help pay down the bonds. Taxes will have to go up to pay this debt.

    3. There are several grade schools in dire need for repair. Will not get done due to the constant defeat of the next referendum attempt.

    4. Pay raises keep happening but the revenue is not there to maintain the schools. Disrepair and disregard of the school properties will be inevitable due to tight dollars. Maintenance is always the first to go. Look at the history of the school properties just recently.

    5. Teachers and staff will have to be cut. Class sizes will have to become bigger. Schools will end up being combined due to necessary cuts and the lack of money to repair.

    I hope that the above does not happen but can anyone truly say that it won’t happen? If there is no new money revenues due to new EAV, the result will have to be increased tax rates and cuts. This can be avoided by playing a little conservative now and trusting the most recent numbers from the same trusted demographer that was used for the school referendum.

    If you can spare a few hours this coming Wednesday, we need you. Maybe you can find someone at work or a neighbor who would be concerned if they knew about this. Everyone and anybody, call the Midweek, the Chronicle, the NIU star, B95, WNIU, WLBK. Not one of these news medias have been to a post referendum FPC meeting. NOT ONE! Why?

    This is news and the citizens of this school district need to know what is going on. Either say something now or I don’t want to hear 5 years from now when everyone freaks out at that tax bill.

  13. The pearl street area sent residents a notice about a hearing to buy some of the houses next to the tracks.

    OT: The new Chroincle web site is broken for posting.

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