A Discouraging Word

A few days ago I was approached by people associated with city matters who tried to discourage me from speaking out at meetings and from blogging. It was the usual.

Ponder the timing with me. And let me know privately if it has happened to you. yinn422[AT]yahoo[dot]com.

9 thoughts on “A Discouraging Word”

  1. Hmm, it sounds like some folks need a history lesson in the Revolutionary War and the U.S. Constitution.

    Telling someone to shut up in the United States, the greatest country in the world, is Un-American, especially in a city named for a Revolutionary War hero who sacrificed his own life for the cause of freedom.

    “I thank you sir for your generous sympathy; but I die the death I always prayed for; the death of a soldier fighting for the rights of man.”

    –Baron Johann ‘Jean’ DeKalb

  2. Slick Vic looked like a deer in the headlights tonight when Alderman Baker called him out to say something about Connexion Communidad. Last year, the neighbors heard Slick Vic referring to a certain group of people in the area as “bean eaters.” He could only name one thing that Connexion Communidad does for the community. The rest was generic BS.

  3. anonymous – Does that really surprise you? Slick Vic, was only put in to make sure his buddies had a place to put their hand out..

    He does no research, and he could careless about this town, always has , always will…

    Who’s ready for me to run against him, should he run again…=0)

  4. I saw the meeting from home tonight.

    I would be willing to see $50 in taxes spent for a real red carpet to roll out for Shodeen’s. No hand out for tax incentives and no whining about impact fees? This is unreal. It seems too good to be true. So:

    1. Is there something going on behind the scenes?


    2. I have to plead the 5th on spending a lot of time in Geneva. Not asking for tax incentives and not whining about impact fees would fit right into the ‘Geneva way.’ I hope this is happening here, but I am leaning toward the something sounds too good to be true side.

    My question is, though, who in the world is going to want to live here now after what happened to gas prices? I know the proximity to I-88 got mentioned. DeKalb is also within range of those willing to drive 20 minutes to Elburn for the train, but that is a long train ride into Chicago.

    Another question is what is with the obsession with someone still wanting to put trees in a median of Route 38? It may be time to find some new blood in the streetscape consultants. I know the city once hired the company that designed a re-do of Green Street in Champaign. It looks nice but it is an absolute nightmare for drivers.

  5. I predicted correctly the closed session regarding the acting mayor appointment. I was quietly cheering when Ald. Baker had the guts to stop the show to bring it up. One wonders what kind of obscene back-room deals were made during the closed session for the acting mayor appointment.

    Also glad to see that my tip about the Open Meetings Act violation also got noticed. Wonder how the Chronicle will try to non-report this one. ;-)

  6. I personally feel that the filling of the mayoral position needs to be public. The mayors position was originally public and why not his replacement?

    These closed sessions are starting to get out of hand. “A government of the people, for the people…” What has happened?

    When my tax dollars are being used to pay for something or someone’s service, I want full public disclosure. I voted for individuals to represent me in government but I very much wish to know how it is that they are voting and arguing on my behalf.

  7. Filling a position that was/is elected is not a personnel issue. Seems like it is a violation of the Open Meetings Act. But it’s not the first violation of any code of honor the Seven Dwarfs have made.

  8. I was quite taken back By Ald Povlsen’s willingness at Monday Night’s meeting to keep this discussion closed…This is not like him. Ald Baker was “Right on” in keep this discussion open. So much for Open Government in DeKalb

  9. While I totally and fully agree with Ald. Baker’s suggestion that the discussion become open, I can only speculate that Ald. Baker is not thinking about the good of the city or the people, but only of himself, in trying to get himself as acting mayor.

    No doubt that is what Ald. Povlsen thought. Well, at least Povlsen got a reality check.

    I did enjoy watching Ald. Baker make Winking Wogen look stupid by bringing up Connexion Communidad. The winker BS’ed through that. Baker also exposed how the winker had thoughts about bidding on the parking lot reconstruction. Now that was for the good of the city and the people. It’s not even legal in Chicago for a bid to happen like that. In Chicago, they go to the trouble of making sure bids go to cousins and friends, not themselves.

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