ReNew Our Schools Report Ending 6/30/08

The long-awaited ReNew Our Schools semi-annual D-2 Report to the Illinois State Board of Elections has been filed. At the site, click on the “Campaign Disclosures” tab, then on “Committee” to get to the committee search.

We’ve already covered the campaign contributions in a previous post. What we’ve been waiting on were the expenditures. Here’s one:

Novo1 304 N 6th Street
DeKalb, IL 60115 $3,066.00
1/21/2008 Expenditure
ReNew Our Schools Phone surveys
ReNew Our Schools

Ah, yes, the survey.

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  1. Off topic -Maybe yinn can delete this and repost it on its own.

    But pertaining to the upcoming “nuisance ordinance” in a off way.This Sunday at the House Cafe will be a free show starting at about 11 am-Its a good opportunity for people to come downtown shop, have lunch and a Mamosa at the House cafe and visit some other places.. but back on topic.All four bands have some connection to either downtown or the John street/College Ave area.Both areas of town are essentially target areas for this ordinance and the rich music and artistic expression that they have contributed to not only DeKalb but the Chicago area is at SERIOUS risk.We have already begun to see DeKalb’s contribution to the Chicago music and and art scene begin to decline the last few years.I think this ordinance may end up being the final nail..

    The Headlining act is Buffalo Clover (they are also playing tonight at Studio B /DeKalbcountyonline global headquarters-8pm) Margo the lead singer has a wonderful voice and presence and they have a great Roots rock repertoire. The Sunday show at the House Cafe should be FAMILY FRIENDLY-and its 100% guaranteed Free.Its a great chance to come see some great talent that this town (John St/Downtown) has produced .BTW Buffalo Clover is now based out of Nashville and are using DeKalb as their warm up/kick off of their tour, they played at Otto’s Thursday to a very delighted crowd-tonight at Studio B and the Free show at the House Cafe tomorrow at around 1pm (show starts at 11-they will be headlining)

    you can check out their video at

    My space

  2. My posts are going to be all out of order because the URLs toss it into comment moderation.

    Anyway, this is former area NIU student Brad Fish, on guitar:

    and dulcimer:

    It may be time for someone or a group of people to compile the positives of the area. It also may help if some motivated folks would go around the neighborhood picking up trash, etc. although when I’ve driven through there, it does not look bad.

    Yes, there are students in the John Street area who can be loud. I do want to point out there are several rooming houses that cater to Christian students, including one very visible one.

    I think some cheaper, non-multi-million dollar solutions can be found for that area.

  3. Well, that’s weird. You should be able to include a couple of links before you get tossed into moderation.

    Jim, e-mail me at yinn422[AT]yahoo[DOT]com, replacing the brackets & their contents with the e-mail necessities.

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