Mail from Senator Burzynski

Well, what do you know. I cannot remember the last time our State Senator here in District 35 sent me anything, and now I have a “Legislative Survey” from him in hand. You too? Maybe Sen. Burzynski is taking Ryan Gailey, his opponent in the next election, seriously. I like the thought. Nothing personal, just that I prefer my would-be representatives to compete for my vote.

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  1. P.S. I got a letter yesterday from KCH stating they intend to move the cadiac rehab to a new building in the next few years then demolish the “old KCH” Seems they cannot find or want a tenant for the old building. Said they would announce this to the public July 1.


  2. Ryan is having his Campaign HQ opening this afternoon Downtown DeKalb, his office is on Locust right across from “lot 4”.Its the little white frame building and my understanding his even will be in the “grass lot” next to the office.

  3. Off-topic post for me, apologies.

    The website for the parking lot #4 renovation went up this week.

    We paid something like $8,000 if I remember correctly for this. What we got for it was a webcam showing a public place that everyone can already see, and a company was hired that set up an account on Blogger (which cost them nothing) to give us updates on things that are already common knowledge.

    The City’s sense for finding creative ways to mindlessly waste money never ceases to amaze me.

  4. a quality outdoor webcam is going to run around $1000, of course it will have a hard drive/server built in.So alls you need to do is get it a internet connection with an IP address and you’re good to go.Now of course when you look at where this webcam is (on top of the egyptian) you have to get that connection to the camera .
    Im guessing the cost of the webcam and mounting gear , installing it, getting routers modems and cable to reach the roof of the theater and using union electricians/contractors comes out to about $3000.That leaves $5000 for them to set it up on baxter and woodmans site and then set up a free blog.

  5. OK, then we need a $5,000 refund.

    At least today’s wind did not take out the camera already (it took out part of my neighbor’s cottonwood tree, I spent an hour on cleanup, totally happy the whole tree did not come down). :-)

  6. Hey Mark–Thanks for the offer but that was an easy clean up! Mother Nature did all of the hard work tearing out the limbs. :-) I just had to pick them up out of the street and off some strange places in my yard where the wind left them.

    I seriously need to get out of my chair, off the computer, and get some exercise once in a while anyway.

  7. you and me both Kay…lol…. I have been firmly attached to my computer for weeks now, getting work done, and writing my thoughts…

    Heck I spend so much time in front of this thing, I may have to write a book…lol

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