City Watcher Thought #2 on Friday the 13th: Rental Inspection Program

In reading the first of two ordinances critical to the proposed Rental Inspection program, I see nothing in the proposed “Chronic Nuisance Property Abatement” ordinance (start on p. 10) that limits it to rental properties. No property owner would be safe from being called a chronic nuisance and summoned to a legal proceeding at City Hall where a fine of $1,000 per deemed nuisance day up to $50,000 could be imposed and a lien put upon said property. Everyone, not just tenants and landlords (and anybody at all on John Street) should be fighting this. Visit the Tenants, Landowners, Community Rights Group, which is also on our “Mailing Lists and Groups” collection of links.

Here is a bonus thought. If we really need to put another layer of code enforcement on the books why not get to the bottom of the reasons why the ordinances we currently have aren’t working right. What with all the stories one hears about lack of enforcement or differential/preferential enforcement, I believe we need to identify and correct our weaknesses in this area in a very systematic way. City Council should start by calling public hearings on code enforcement and invite all parties affected by it to testify to their experiences.

2 thoughts on “City Watcher Thought #2 on Friday the 13th: Rental Inspection Program”

  1. I think the main problem with the current ordinances is the legal end of them. They may not have enough bite or the legal department is trying to cut time by making it a little more cut and dry. The ordinances are there for the city to use and I do believe that you are correct in saying that this does not just pertain to rental homes. It does and will eventually spill into the single family residences.

    Like I said in an earlier post, I can go through this community and spot over 50 homes in 2 hours that do not conform with city ordinance in one way or the other. Why is it taking a whole new department to do what should have been done these past years? Maybe its because the department lacked the proper personel originally in nuisance abatement and now its to the point that it is a chronic problem.

  2. RED FLAG:

    See Paragraph a on page 11:

    ” . . . the City Manager shall independently review such reports . . .”

    That gives one person too much power.

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