City Budget Audit Petition

Chadwick posts a petition demanding “accurate and more transparent accounting of public funds by the City of DeKalb.” It reads:

To: Mayor Frank Van Buer; Aldermen Bertrand Simpson, Kris Povlsen, Vic Wogen, Donna Gorski, Ron Naylor, Dave Baker and Brent Keller

Whereas: we the undersigned citizens and taxpayers of the City of DeKalb are concerned with the lack of transparency and integrity of financial accounting as demonstrated by the transfer of an $800,000 deficit and then the sudden appearance of a $485,000 surplus in the FY09 budget. We demand transparent accounting of public funds, public borrowing and public contracts with private ventures. There should be no lingering doubt of any improprieties.

Now therefore: we hereby call for an Independent Certified Financial Audit of ALL City of DeKalb financial records and accounts for FY06, FY07 and FY08 and demand that the unedited comments and recommendations from the auditors to the Mayor and City Council be made public immediately.

Download a copy of the petition at Big DeKalb. Deadline for signatures is June 21.

2 thoughts on “City Budget Audit Petition”

  1. The June 23rd meeting should be an interesting one.

    Oh, I tell people lawsuits, petitions etc. are not always about winning. Lots of times people file lawsuits and take action like that just to get attention and to get a particular behavior to STOP.


    I have to meet three publication deadlines and need to cut back on blogging–catch you all later.

  2. See page 23 of the CAFR report linked on a post below. That will be page 23 of the Adobe PDF and page 2 of the numbering of the document. Yes, Sikich does conduct an independent audit. Does that not make part of the petition moot?

    Asking for full disclosure of the notes of the audit, however, is not moot and an excellent point.

    There cannot be any doors open to criticism from city staff or the Council. In other words, citizens just about have to be perfect.

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