Denny Hastert is a Lobbyist

Not that we didn’t see it coming–it was pretty clear that he bailed on us to beat the new “revolving door” rules–but the ABC News Report also did a rundown of the last few sordid years. Besides his part in the Foley scandal,

A 2003 letter Hastert wrote aiding certain Indian tribes threatened to draw him into the Abramoff scandal; Hastert denied wrongdoing. ABC News reported in May 2006 that Hastert had come under investigation in connection with the Abramoff probe. Justice Department officials initially denied he was under investigation, but later said he was “in the mix.” No charges were brought.

In 2006, reporters and good government groups made hay over Hastert’s involvement in funding a highway project, which helped him make $2 million when he sold land he owned nearby. Hastert’s lawyer said there was no connection between the highway project and the land deal.

A 2005 Vanity Fair article alleged Turkish groups and individuals at the Turkish Consulate in Washington, D.C. had discussed funneling tens of thousands of dollars to Hastert in exchange for political favors; his spokesman at the time denied Hastert had any knowledge of Turkish groups and had done no favors.

This is very interesting, because I don’t recall anybody besides certain bloggers ever referencing the Vanity Fair article before, yet Sibel Edmonds has been blowing her whistle in the wilderness for several years. Perhaps her documentary is starting to get some attention. I hope so, because allegations of corruption concerning our national security require thorough investigation. And if Denny Hastert took bribes, I want him in jail.

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  1. Follow the money . . . Daley contributions:

    Under a Washington, D.C. address:

    Under a Vienna, VA address:

    Within Illinois:

    I believe the folks in the city made a list of all of the earmarks brought in to the airport and other projects since the budget meetings which are worth a lot more than the $60K to $72K per year in fees.

    Profile on the Open Secrets Web site:

    Lobbying by the City of DeKalb:

    Others who hire the Daley Policy Group and what they pay:

    A grant writer might be someone who could be found by tapping into local expertise for not much money up front.

  2. I called Foster’s DC office before the Memorial Day weekend with a question. I left my phone number, e-mail address, and regular address. I have not heard back yet . . .

  3. Kay, I believe that most that run for office are very well intentioned folk. I also believe firmly that there is a disease of sorts that lures itself around the offices of the elected ones. Once elected, it is not difficult to become one of the “boys” and the new ones start the transformation into the group that forgets about the promises that they made during the election run.

    This is why ALL elected positions from local to national should have term limits. It would give those who meant well more time to actually do well. You can see this in most of candidates who become elected.

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