Value Engineering

Here’s a quickie overview from Wiki on Value Engineering, a recommendation we hope soon will be discussed by our school district’s Facilities Planning Committee as regards upcoming school construction.

Also called value analysis, VE is a structured process of gathering and evaluating information about goods and services in terms of function and cost with an eye to increasing value by either improving the function or reducing the cost (for example, by finding an acceptable substitute).

This would not leave much room for, “This is the way we’ve always done it.” I like.

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  1. Relevant links regarding Value Engineering (key components)

    Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECPs)
    The purpose of the Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP) Program is to incentivize the contractor to propose contract modifications which reduce cost without reducing product or process performance. Two aspects of the VECP make it unique in achieving its purpose: the requirement that the VECP result in a contract modification, and the incentive paid to the contractor for reducing costs. The VECP is the formal document a Contractor uses to submit a cost saving recommendation to the government in accordance with the VE provisions of their contract. A VECP must be submitted under an existing contract and must result in a change to that contract. In addition, the change must result in a reduction in the system’s life cycle cost to the Government

    See item 6, Definitions:

    DOT use of VE:

  2. Looks like the meetings for June 18th have been canceled. New date is July 1st at 6:30 pm, usual place. Same goes for the materials advisory committee which will meet at 3:00 pm.

    I wonder if this will be the first official meeting with Dr. Briscoe?

    Let you know if I hear anything else.

  3. July 1st is coming quick now. It looks like we may have been played by the adminstration with regards to the totals of kids and how big the high school actually needs to be.

    You do know that the money they have from the sale of the bonds is in an account drawing interest already? Now you do. You see, that interest money they make does not have to be used for the purpose of the referendum or for the purpose of paying down the bonds. They can use it for ANYTHING they desire. My guess is talks may be coming around for contracts but I may just be guessing. Several of us still believe that there are many in the administration that did not believe the referendum would pass and now that it did, they are off to the races with their hidden agendas.

    They postponed our last meeting in which we were to have the revised numbers for future anticipate enrollment. Many are now believing that the latest delay is for the purpose of eliminating discussion. I don’t need to see the new numbers from “Hazel” to tell me what should be recommended to the school board.

    The projected ARE wrong and the new high school IS going to be built way too big. We will not see 2,000 plus kids in the new high for at least 13 to 14 more years. As a builder, I’m hoping to be wrong but as a taxpayer of this community, I know deep inside that I am right. The school must be downsized and designed for growth in 15 to 20 years. The core should be designed to also be increased and dropped to at least 2500, not the planned 3,000.

    I’m here to tell you that there is a game going on in the back offices and they intend to spend all $110 million fellow taxpayers. I know I’m not the only one that is starting to feel this way. I hope I’m wrong and still waiting to reserve some judgement until after the meeting on July 1st. I just don’t know how the new superintendent, Dr. Briscoe is going to still factor into this high school.

    As it looks now, this community will not be able to meet the anticipated EAV that the school anticipated and calculated in respect to the cost to the homeowner. We were all told over and over and over again that it would cost a homeowner with a $200,000.00 home and additional $277.00 per year. I’m afraid if things go the way I see them right now (surely hoping I’m wrong), it will be more like $2,400.00 per year. Not a typo, yes $2,400.00 per year. Now is the time to be smart, not later when this staff is gone and we are here stuck with their poor math.

  4. I’m sorry Yinn. I just am not happy when I found out that somebody may have taken advantage of my time and support. This is a serious matter and if I am correct and we do overbuild the school with no students and no new EAV, this town is in trouble.

    People need to start asking more questions and demand the school board to slow down right now and make sure the numbers are right. A little extra caution can surely pay well for this community down the road.

    I’m getting tired of elected officials and government employee’s always thinking they know what’s better for us. I would appreciate a little more concern about the future and respect of our comments and suggestions.

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