Today’s FPC Meeting Schedule

The Facilities Planning Committee’s sub-committee on building materials meets today at 3 p.m.

The regular FPC meeting is 6:30 p.m.

Both meetings will be held in the District 428 Administration Building on S. 4th.

I would dearly love to make the 3 p.m., but the time effectively and ironically bars participation by actual parents with school-aged children. Will look for you at the second meeting, though.

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  1. Guilt stricken Herb won’t be at either. Just out of time. Though Yinn makes a good point about how many meetings there are. I had been feeling guilty because my schedule does not permit attending the plan commission meeting tonight even though two items of interest to me are on the agenda. One project is a long run plan that i don’t think has any immediate implications. The other is for an active project that does have implications on taxes gained, city expenses, school districts, global warming (just kidding, I hope). But time is simply not there tonight.

    Okay, guys, we’re learning how to do city budgets. Now some one come up with the answer to the big question: how do we get more than 24 hours in a day? :)

  2. Next meeting for the schools.

    Subcommittee for materials and construction meets at 3:00pm.

    FPC will meet at 6:30pm.

    Both meetings are to be held at the administration building for District 428 on South 4th Street.


    We are hoping to hear of a potential bus trip to visit a precast plant. Hopefully DuKane Precast. They are the ones in the air cannon video you’ve been seeing (hopefully have seen, if not, you should).

    FPC should have the new projected numbers concerning the growth of District 428.

    SIDE NOTE TO GROWTH NUMBERS: This is what makes this difficult. Cortland and Malta have a lot more lower priced housing going up which might build out a little faster over the next few years. DeKalb’s higher impact fees, land/cash requirements, and hook up fees/permits will definitely slow down (stop) construction within DeKalb’s city limits. I’m wondering now as a builder, if construction EAV is not where it is projected to be in 5 to 6 years, will the school board be forced to offer builders and developers incentives to build homes to increase the EAV in order to keep the real estate tax payments (where promised for a $200,000.00 home) to pay down the referendum? I will go out on the limb and predict yes. I do not see the EAV number projection being hit with this downturn in the building industry and gas prices up.

  3. Yinn,
    Could you pull mac’s stuff out of this thread and start a thread on it alone. I posted on his site already but Mac’s stuff is on city budget not FPC and will certainly engender discussion as it should.



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