I was going to say something critical about raising city water rates based on comparisons to other Illinois cities, but on second thought that must be a mistaken impression. Here’s hoping tomorrow evening we see much more data on costs, projected usage and revenues, and a plan to ensure some of what’s brought in actually goes into infrastructure, as promised.

Meanwhile, enjoy if you’re so inclined this pro-Obama pictorial commentary set to Collective Soul’s “Run.” A delightful pairing, IMO.

One thought on ““Run””

  1. What other cities pay for water is not relevant. We should pay what it costs for the water that’s here. This is municipal water, not a business subject to the market. Otherwise, the comparison price excuse could be used to jack up the prices for everything. If the comparison model is going to be used, fine, not too many of us make Geneva or Naperville salaries.

    I thought we already pay extra because of the radium removal process.

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