Skating Rink Tearing Me Apart

On the one hand, the city’s shelling out $75,000 for a skating rink (p. 9) seems frivolous and inappropriate in view of the recent two tax increases, an impending big rise in water rates Monday, and a few more tax hikes coming down the pike shortly. (Not even a kiss first!) So, maybe I should oppose it.

On the other hand, say what you will about the money coming out of TIF (vs. the General Fund); people aren’t going to stand for such a purchase right now and it will drive more taxpayers into the welcoming arms of the Revoke Home Rule movement. So, maybe I should support it.

What to do…What to do….

4 thoughts on “Skating Rink Tearing Me Apart”

  1. See page 70 to see that placing citizen comments closer to the beginning is on the agenda.

    What is with the closed sessions for land acquisition and collective bargaining? Collective bargaining should be discussed in closed sessions but now what land is the city trying to buy?

  2. If Private Funds Were to Pay for it, I’d be Okay with it…But NOOOOO…this is “TAX and SPEND” DeKalb where, I’m certain, our city leaders will come up with a New Tax to pay for this. We cannot afford this project right now…I have to save up money to pay the new Water rates.

    I Hope the City Fills up the Skating Ice Rink with Water put in storage BEFORE the New Water tax rates go into effect…..

  3. It would really be nice but with the times the way they are today, this can only be accomplished with private dollars. Maybe the Chamber can sell sponsorships for the ice rink or maybe consider this a way to help stimulate some winter business for their downtown shop members but no city money for this.

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