Finance Advisory Committee Nominees

Mayor Van Buer has put forward the names of 7 residents (p. 235) he is recommending for inclusion on a new Finance Advisory Committee.

Marianne Anderson (local accountant and financial planner)
Cohen Barnes (Businessman – TBC Net, recommended by the Chamber)
Mike Larson (Retired – Elmer Larson Inc. Note from yinn: ReNew DeKalb involvement)
Mac McIntyre (Businessman – DeKalb County On-Line)
Mike Peddle (NIU – Center for Governmental Studies, Public Finance)
Gary Peele (Resource Bank, recommended by the Chamber)
Tom Teresinski (Former School Board member and Chair of their Finance and Facilities Committee)

So we’ve got at least three downtown revitalization cheerleaders and one person added as a tactic to dilute the Revoke Home Rule effort. And where’s Average Joe?

BTW, if you check the agenda link you’ll see that ReNew Dekalb is asking for a skating rink–yes, right now–that would cost the city $75,000 in TIF money. Do we actually have TIF money to spend at this point or are we borrowing against our uncertain future?

5 thoughts on “Finance Advisory Committee Nominees”

  1. If its news about me, its news to me!

    I’m kind of surprised to read my name on the list. Mark Biernacki did meet with me at my office and said the Mayor was considering adding my name to the list. I did tell Mark that if a person is willing to shoot their mouth off then they should be willing to help when called upon. But I also told him of my resolve to help get the Repeal Home Rule referendum question on the November ballot. That resolve will remain unshaken because I think City Hall has abused the privilege of Home Rule Authority and the residents should decide whether or not to repeal it and in doing so prioritize this city’s direction.

    A skating rink would make a wonderful addition to the city. The kids would love it. I think there’s some market potential for youth parties and banquets for any would be investors. But such a business should be a private venture.

  2. Now I’ve read the back up material. Outdoor skating rink might be good for the Park District but I’d lower my recommendation to private investors. Too seasonal and its use might conflict with parking needs during peak shopping seasons.

  3. I read the blog top to bottom, so this comment is second–a skating rink on **private** money and not on a city parking lot would be a good idea.

    There are some light manufacturing places that have big parking lots which have little to no use. They are all over the place and any one of them would be fine for a skating rink, on private money. Let those places utilize their unused space if so desired, and make some money off it.

    I tried watching the replay of the city meeting this morning and there was no sound.

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