OK, this is it. If February 2008 is typical for these expenses, we the taxpayers foot a $30,000 annual bill to keep city employees hydrated with coffee, water and soda. Just sayin’, if there is a city budget crisis–and it better be for them to even mention new taxes during an economic downturn–maybe people drink from the tap (we pay for water softener salt, too) and bring some of the refreshments from home.

We paid 17.50 per new employee for nice engraved nameplates from Nathan Winston Services. We sprang for pizza. Again, is this a crisis or not?!

I want you to know that I sacrificed the opportunity to mow the lawn today to bring this news to you. (The big dog and I had a really nice long walk this afternoon, though, as we tried to work off our winter/bloggers’ butts. Well actually just mine. What a perfect day.)

2 thoughts on “Glug”

  1. Interesting.
    Employee fringes certainly should be examined and hopefully this type of questioning will cause them to be examined.

    Slight disagreement: I do like name plates in front of bureaucrats so that I know with whom I talking. It is a step in fighting the image of the nameless, faceless bureaucrat. (Also gives an observer a chance to know who is not at his or her desk).

    Only expense that i was aware of was the pizza — cops purchased pizze during the Feb 14 trauma when everyone was working around the clock and not able to go home. .

    I’m pleased though that government financial records are open enough so that Yinn can examine them.

    Penalty for Yinn for skipping mowing the lawn. Next week, Yinn has to do her lawn and then as a penalty mine :) Was a perfect day and went birding.


  2. FYI the pizza was STR, not PD.

    No gripe with nameplates per se, just questioning the cost. As I also would with the system, the ISP and the cell service. How often do they shop around?

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