Today’s Budget Questions, 4/17/08

An alert reader of the city’s check register e-mailed me with a couple concerns over expenditures. One is about why the city pays for bottled water while requiring businesses to put in fountains. I went to look over that situation and am putting off adding up the cold beverage tab because I think it’s gonna make me madder than the coffee thing does.

This reader also reported that the city could be using a less expensive internet service.

I noticed something else. I really, really want to know what clear plastic hangers costing $236.00 look like but they’re for the PD and I don’t want to visit the slammer to see them.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Budget Questions, 4/17/08”

  1. Well, if each hanger cost $236.00, then we know they got them from the Pentagon . . . used.


    I hope that $236 was for at least 75 hangers, if not 100 of them.

  2. I’m hoping that when this (these) items were purchased that the person who tagged the memo line on the check just simplified a little more complicated purchase. Maybe hangers for mounting M-16 rifles or shot guns etc. Something that would be used for carrying something heavy vs. just jackets. This is what I would guess and hope.

    I really doubt with the little amount of space the police station has left that they even have a space where they could put 75 to 100 hangers for jackets.

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