City Budget: Mayor & Council

City of DeKalb FY 2008 Budget

Legislative Department, Mayor and Council Program

Part time & temporary—-$67,000
Health Insurance———–63,737
Life Insurance——————-798
Worker’s Comp——————-152
Printed Materials—————-300
Office & Library Supply———100
Freight & Postage———————0
Human & Social Services—214,000
Telephone System————-5,000
Legal Services NEC————2,500
Legal Expenses———————–0
Mrkting, Ads, Pub Notices–5,000
Dues & Subscriptions——–17,000
Training, Ed, Prof Dev——–8,000

On the current city tax hike proposals, the Chronicle quoted 1st Ward Alderman Bertrand Simpson thusly:

No one is getting fat off of this,” Simpson said. “We are least likely to take advantage of you. When we look at the mirror we see you, because we are you. We just happen to be the people responding to this crisis.”

I find Alderman Simpson delightfully crotchety and blunt but I disagree with him a lot and this is one of those times. For example, I do not know anyone working part-time who gets health and life insurance benefits. It’s rare, isn’t it?

Furthermore I disagree with having a “dues and publications” allocation because these expenses can be deducted from one’s personal income tax. The entire amount set aside for “dues and publications” for the year is $38,000.

And when a city is in dire financial straits, I’m sorry but the human/social services allocation must be slashed, as should anything not directly related to the primary functions of city government.

DeKalb City Budget Blues

Link to its YouTube home.

3 thoughts on “City Budget: Mayor & Council”

  1. Gee, slashing would take work. Why work to cut anything when they can just jack up the taxes?

    I bet none of them can even name all of the publications that the city subscribes to and I bet very few of them even read them. The health insurance expenditures almost equal the amount for salaries. That is unnecessary for part-time jobs. I know many of the alderman and the mayor already get health insurance elsewhere.

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