John Laesch: Political Suicide

He just can’t help himself. First the recount petition and now this. In the Beacon News’ “Laesch is not in Foster’s Corner,” John Laesch just said buh-bye to the very Democratic organization he’s helped to build in IL-14.

Calling Foster a conservative “Blue Dog” Democrat, Laesch said he would not be lining up behind Foster for the November general election.

Laesch is “Mr. Progressive” and Bill Foster leans too far to the right for his taste. I get it, but isn’t it very bad form for someone to pledge non-support for a fellow Dem and to throw his hat into the ring for the 2010 primaries before the November general? How could he expect the Democrats ever to support him again after such a stunt?

Answer: somehow he will expect it, then complain bitterly when it’s not forthcoming. It’s some sort of perpetual underdog image thingy.

3 thoughts on “John Laesch: Political Suicide”

  1. The Blue Dogs are the most conservative Democratic caucus. They are reviled by the Progressive wing just a little less than the Bush Dogs who are considered Democrats in Name Only, or DINOs.

    When Foster called himself a Blue Dog, he was specifically referring to one of the reasons he ran for office in the first place: a return to fiscal sanity. I think he was quite surprised that so labeling himself was considered a liability since Patrick Murphy, the Iraq War vet he helped get elected in Pennsylvania, identified himself as such with success.

    Now, most Democrats I’ve talked to, including Progressives, are pretty excited about Foster. It’s the diehard Laesch contingent that equates him with the “bad” Blue Dogs. They also have gotten it into their heads that Foster is buddy-buddy with Rahm Emmanuel, whom they see as a top-down Establishment guy at war with the grassroots. They are probably right about Emmanuel but there’s simply no evidence to date of any close relationship or kindred spirit; as far as I can tell it’s gospel just because Howie Klein said something about it on his blog one day.

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