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Commenters have pointed me to some new links and I’ve been looking them over.

You might check out NIU Memorial fundraising tee shirts (though at the moment the effort is suspended due to a licensing issue) plus Cafe Press offerings uniting Virginia Tech and NIU with proceeds being split between both schools.

Someone’s started a new local blog, a collaborative effort of students called NIU Needs Answers. I was enthralled by Sam Brunell’s account of her brush with mortality in “Why did I have to go to class that day?” which juxtaposes the mundane with the surreal especially as concerns the speed-of-time differential.

The writers including Brunell are seeking the road to normalcy this week. As long as they care to share that journey I’ll be reading.

6 thoughts on “NIU Support Links”

  1. It seems NIU does not want help fundraising. Check it out:

    I looked and the CafePress site is down already.

    I know that individual was not going to profit. I feel bad for all of the groups like the Chambers and those students who used all their own volunteer time. NIU does not even want to partner? They are turning down help. The next time there is a crisis; that help may not be there.

    I did not see any funds that were going toward medical expenses for injured students. I would have given to any funds for medical expenses for those injured. I saw no funds for that. I gave to a funeral home to something set up by the family.

    NIU is raising money for scholarships, for next year. Although that will be helpful for their enrollment for the future, how does that help with the expenses for those injured?

  2. Thanks Gonzo–corrected.

    Wow, Anon, that happened fast! The licensing agreements must be pretty strict. A friend of mine who once owned a store that sold licensed products said the agreement required her, among other things, to buy a lot of liability insurance, $2 million if memory serves. I never understood why and I certainly would have thought fundraising of this nature could garner a waiver of some of the requirements.

  3. NIU stands to lose a lot if it allows it logos to freely be proliferated, there is no guarantee that individuals will do what they say they will do, so I can see their point of view. There is no reason, however, the university couldn’t work with some individuals or groups to assist in fundraising through this means.

  4. Dr. Gonzo wrote:

    “There is no reason, however, the university couldn’t work with some individuals or groups to assist in fundraising through this means.”

    I agree. The newspaper article makes it seem like NIU was not interested in partnerships for fundraising. There are people who want to help. I really feel bad for the students with the T-shirts. I know one day they were well over $20,000+ in money going back to the university. Those students should be thanked for their creativity and their volunteer work.

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