Foster vs. Oberweis on Iraq

Here’s Bill Foster’s new ad. Here, he highlights the difference between himself and Jim Oberweis on Iraq:

You can count on Foster to be a class act. One comment I’ve heard about him is how gracious he was when talking about his primary opponents, even when the conversation was one-on-one. He will stick to the issues.

Note to Laesch trolls: I have no qualms about moderating comments. I will delete all comments that contain personal insults about me and/or the candidate I support. Go recount some ballots. Or bite me. Your choice.

2 thoughts on “Foster vs. Oberweis on Iraq”

  1. With those kids growing up–that’s a great ad. Foster’s people must have heard the comments on Prairie State Blue that he comes across as being stiff. He is not stiff there at all.

    A note to Laesch’s people: In a close election, every vote counts and not enough young people 18 – 25 still are not getting their butts to the polls. I added up the number of votes published in the newspaper and the number of voters choosing Republicans combined outnumbered the votes for all of the Democrats combined. You can either continue to waste time or you can help keep Oberweis out of office by spending your energy trying to figure out how in the world to get more 18 to 25 people to register and then show up to vote. No one seems to have the answer to that and which ever political party can figure that one out can win. You are either true Democrats or perhaps you are following a cult of personality. Which is it? Which will you choose? Wasting time or making a positive difference?

    That is a major problem the Democrats face, bringing in new people. Obama is inspiring some first-time voters but the lack of involvement across the board for people under 25 not voting is a major, major problem. Any politically-motivated group who can solve that problem would qualify as genius of the year.

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