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Well, I probably shouldn’t post on this for a couple days but I see people are coming by to look so what the heck. The thing is, this referendum is an emotional thing for some of us to begin with; and then to go to such a meeting it can take a little while to get things back into perspective.

By “such a meeting,” I mean one that has cheerleaders who can’t behave and people asking fake questions just so the answerers can try to manipulate the feelings of the skeptics in attendance. You know: an infomercial.

A few things got through the haze, mostly the ironic. Such as, having a question-and-answer session without many answers. Such as, having the neglect of your maintenance department revealed when you’re asking for two more big buildings. Such as, having $200,000 men telling the rest of us what we can afford. Such as, having an oversight committee of the same group that will be doing the building–fox! henhouse!–and BTW the same group of people who fought the impact fees that could have reduced the size of the mess we face now.

Such as, having a gung-ho group of volunteers who can call every voter in the district about the referendum but not to gather input on the plan to begin with.

Whether I think the plan itself has merit will have to wait for another day, I’m afraid.

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  1. Two nice teachers stopped by today with a handout on the referendum. I did not get a chance to talk to them–all of my animals tried to make a break for it out the door, probably because of the warm weather.

    The weather is crazy. We got ice when I usually do fall clean up and the crocuses, irises, lilacs, pansies, and wisteria are all growing already.

  2. They hung something on my door, too.

    Can’t…resist…off-topic topic…

    The temperature swings are somewhat worrisome. If you look at the extent of biodiversity, we have the most in areas of the world where we have the least amount of temperature swings. In ecuatorial rain forests, for example, you see swings of only 20-25 degrees in the course of a day. In deserts, there can be swings of 100 degrees or more. They support less life.

    There are a lot of factors and I don’t want to oversimplify, but one key to moderating temperature extremes is forest. Part of that is shade and windbreak but the other part is water storage. Water simply doesn’t absorb and release heat the way air, rocks and soil do.

    I read recently that if Earth had no trees, temperature extremes could bounce 300 degrees F in some areas. Along with measures to reduce manmade climate change, we should accelerate reforestation and desertification reversal.

    Bottom line: plant more trees.

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