IL-14 Debate Tomorrow

Both Democratic and Republican candidates in the IL-14 congressional race (for Denny Hastert’s old seat) will participate in a debate tomorrow, January 8 in St. Charles. It is sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

Norris Cultural Center
1040 Dunham Road
St. Charles

Dunham is east of the river and 1040 lies a few blocks north of Route 64.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the debate starts at 7.

6 thoughts on “IL-14 Debate Tomorrow”

  1. I missed the debate. I planned on going but I am on the Egyptian Theatre Membership Committee and our meeting ran later than usual. Yes, there is an Egyptian Theatre Membership–it seems to be one of the best kept secrets in DeKalb! Thanks for plugging the Sound of Music coming up this weekend!

    I am sure the debate was interesting.

  2. Did anyone else receive the dead cows postcard? There is no real substance; it just makes fun of the Milkman for not winning three elections and it has a couple of sound bites. There should be no surprises here, “Paid for by Lauzen For Congress.”

    Lauzen’s people seriously need to crack open a history book and learn how many times Abraham Lincoln lost. That’s, of course, not comparing the Milkman to Lincoln because there is no comparison there. But, Lincoln never gave up. His life was one of persistence, not failure. Winning is not everything. Abraham Lincoln understood that; Lauzen and people like him probably never will. When a campaign is so desperate that it has to resort to goofball postcards, even losing will have no honor.

  3. The Milkman’s website has a response from one of his cows. The first part is pretty funny and the second part is, well, we all predicted it. When the Milkman’s previous campaigns got in trouble, our local hometown Fairdale hero, Joe Wiegand, is the one who screwed up the Milkman’s campaign:

    While there, I noticed something unearthed originally by the Beacon News, which I think our beloved Chronicle missed because I think I would have remembered a story about Lauzen’s biggest supporter with a past history involving a sixteen-year-old prostitute!!,2_1_AU22_LAUZEN_S1.article

  4. Thanks for the link. I found some of the pro-Lauzen comments entertaining. I also received a somewhat detailed mailer from the Milkman describing his views a couple of weeks ago. A couple of the pro-Lauzen supporters wrote how that mailer was too wordy and it would take too long to read. The Milkman mailer is four pages long. It has one big picture, two pages of doubled-spaced 14-point font, and is a half page on the back. I guess those Lauzen supporters do not read “The Economist.” I probably do not need to describe “The Economist” to anyone here. ;-)

    If those Lauzen supporters do not like to read, perhaps the Milkman should send them a coloring book with big pictures instead.

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