Route 23

There was a transportation meeting at Kishwaukee College on Tuesday. It reminded me of an idea I’d heard and would like to throw out to you.

At the meeting, they remarked that non-local truck traffic was decreasing on Route 38 and holding steady on Route 23 so there is no reason to pursue costly bypasses. Well, there is one road in DeKalb where truck traffic must be increasing and that is Peace Road.

The county maintains Peace Road but building proper roads for heavy truck traffic is much more expensive than for regular roads. Should this perhaps be a job for IDOT? What if the part of Gurler that runs east from 4th to Peace (which eventually will be inhabited by industrial and commercial interests), then Peace Road all the way north to Plank Road in Sycamore, were designated Route 23?

It’s true that the city wants to tackle the South 4th Street revitalization with the help of IDOT, but the other idea clearly has merit as well. I thank M. for bringing it up.

One thought on “Route 23”

  1. Non-local truck traffic decreased because of the bridge work on Route 38 near Pearl Street over the Kish River. The trucks will be back after that bridge work is done and there should be no long-term plans done based upon any changes in truck traffic on Route 38 for now. No one should need a degree in civil engineering to figure that one out.

    Wait about two to six months after the bridge work is done to go collect the traffic statistics, if anyone wants to make any plans.

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