I Need a Tax Abatement

I try not to gripe about logistics (the lowest of low-hanging industrial fruits for a city on Route 88) as long as they stay in the designated warehousing “district” of Park 88. I make no such effort when it comes to the give-aways, especially coming on the heels of the hideous maneater called “Tax Assessment 2007,” another school referendum on the way and a recession looming.

DeKalb City Council Resolution 07-98:


The City Council passed this on Monday. It means that they are going to “play ball” by supplying tax abatements and fee waivers to a company that probably chose us months ago but that we don’t even get to know the name of yet.

Ah, for the day that someone says: “Fee waivers? Doesn’t that mean we’d need to raise fees for the residents? I don’t think so.”

Or: “If you care about our schools, you’ll pay your full freight from Day One.”

It’s tough to keep up morale. Some days, seems we cling to our middle-class dreams by the ravaged edges of our fingernails.

One thought on “I Need a Tax Abatement”

  1. I went to the Saturday morning school board meeting. I could not help but notice four Lexuses, one Volvo, and eleven big SUVs in a parking lot of no more than twenty cars. None of those vehicles looked more than five years old. It’s really easy for people on the school board and in the school administration to tell us to pay up because it is good for the children when they are driving a Lexus, a Volvo, or an SUV, probably all bought on my tax dollars. Now I just wonder how well someone driving a Lexus can understand the sacrifice that lots of people in the community will have to make for paying more in property taxes? Even Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get to heaven.

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