Milkman Ignores the Troops

Today I received two mailers from IL-14 congressional candidate Jim Oberweis. Bet you did too–did you read them? I did, and just have to ask:

In what strange dimension does one have to reside, to run for the U.S. Congress in 2008 and send out two detailed campaign mailers that do not even mention IRAQ?!

5 thoughts on “Milkman Ignores the Troops”

  1. Holy cow. I went to both Oberweis’ and Lauzen’s websites and neither mentions the occupation of Iraq as an issue facing the 14th Congressional District. Doubly ironic since each is trying to position himself as the “taxpayers’ friend.” The part about who’s financing this fiasco apparently is eluding them.

  2. Yes, thanks for adding that! I did eventually think to go to his site and it was a relief to see that he doesn’t see the line-item veto as more important than the occupation of Iraq.

    As I pointed out in an earlier post about fundraising, Burns does seem to enjoy some popular support. I hope that IL-14 Republicans pick up on the difference and send him a few bucks to help make him more competitive. GOP voters deserve to have a moderate choice in the primary too, whether the actual party can see this or not.

  3. Mayor Burns in Geneva is very popular with his folks there. One of the phone numbers on the city Web site is/was his home telephone number. I have not checked it in a few months but I know residents who called him at home and they were impressed about it. I believe the last time he ran, no one bothered to run against him and the time before, I believe he won in a landslide. I met one of Geneva’s city engineers last week–very, very nice guy. I believe Mayor Burns challenged the other guys to a debate and nothing is scheduled. Everything for a debate is negotiable, all details can be worked out, and there is no reason not to participate in a debate. Perhaps the other candidates are ill prepared or have something to hide????

    I missed the debate in person in DeKalb for the Democrats but I caught everything available on YouTube posted by the Laesch campaign there and from Kane County. Wow, Jothan Stein has some homework to do on Iran. I thought I was watching the FOX News Channel, not a debate among Democrats.

  4. I appreciate your take on Mayor Burns. There’s talk of a debate in January and I hope that comes to pass. It could be quite eye-opening. Both Oberweis and Lauzen are running far to the right, believing that is how they will capture the GOP vote in the primary. OK, but then what?

    Stein seems to be trying to position himself as the Dem who can pick up the Republican vote in the general. A couple months ago it was more about the family values and he talked about camping with his son. The Iran stuff and the almost-diatribe against impeachment seemed out of tune with the rest of him and fed the perception that he is trying to be something he’s not.

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