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“To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” ~Mark Twain

So tell me, when should a police officer use a Taser?

A couple days ago I watched a piece of video where a University of Florida student, during a campus Q&A with John Kerry, was immobilized by five police officers and then “Tased.” It reminded me of the incident at UCLA last November when a student at the library was “Tased” for not showing I.D.

YouTubes after the jump. It’s not what’s seen, it’s the screams, especially in the first one. You’ve been warned.

I have never had anything less than positive, professional interactions with police. The officers get credit, their leadership gets credit, my cognitive-behavioral prowess gets an honorable mention; but most of all there seems to be a huge advantage in never being a 20-something male.

The UCLA student was “Tased” again for not standing up when ordered to after the first shock.

The UF student.

I don’t mean to pick on campus cops. If you do a “Taser” search on YouTube you’ll find plenty of other examples, including “Tasing” as entertainment. I chose the above because they could be accompanied by video of the large and swift protests that resulted. No apathy here.

UCLA protest.

UF Protest.

Reports on U.S. Taser-related deaths.

3 thoughts on “Taser Taser”

  1. I just saw something on the Chicago news this morning about a woman who was tased twice during an arrest. From the video, I saw nothing to “provoke” the tasing. She was not a threat to officers, nor was she resisiting arrest. So my question is why? I believe the city of chicago is already investigating this and the officer is on paid leave. But tasing does raise alot of questions! This women has had lasting effects due to the severity of the tasing, blurred vision, headaches, etc.

  2. The reading I’ve done this week on tasing brings up a lot of concerns for me, too. Tasers are marketed as having no lasting effects, but for crying out loud, that’s a lot of volts. Recently one police officer who was part of a demo ended up with crushed vertebrae.

    Though Tasers are touted as an alternative to deadly force but even just looking at the examples here, you know that nobody in their right minds would have pulled guns, so IOW they were clearly misused. How widespread is that?

    Then yesterday I read where the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department wants $30,000 for a Taser program. At this point I’d much rather see that money go into the jail fund. Our jumping on the Taser bandwagon strikes me as a barbaric step backward.

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