Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Third Ward Neighbors Helping Neighbors group kicked off last Saturday by clearing damaged tree limbs from an injured homeowner’s property.

Up a tree Work Group

Sarah Corrigan was the ringleader and photographer. Joining her were Christine and Mark Kahle, Kay Shelton, Penny Pelton and Charlie Pelton. Speaking of kick-offs, word is that even more neighbors would have shown up if it hadn’t been a game day.

4 thoughts on “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”

  1. Thank you Citybarbs for posting this! We had a great time on this project, from start to finish, we had enough volunteers that we were able to bring the limb down and clean up the yard in under an hour! Other volunteers there were my husband Pat (that is him with the chainsaw on the ladder…yikes), and my young boys (Jake, age 6 & Josh age3) did a great job helping to clear the branches on the ground!

    We are always looking for other projects within the 3rd ward. Anyone can visit our website and suggest opportunities!

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