County Administrator Gets Obscene Pay Raise

I can’t speak to the assertion that County Administrator Ray Bockman’s 26% pay raise was a “rush” job, except to suggest that the Republicans on the County Board might well focus on procedure in their opposition rather than go on record saying that Bockman is not, in fact, indispensible.

However, I can speak to the fact that several of the hard-working employees at DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center (DCRNC) have reached their wage ceilings while Bockman seems never to have to worry about bumping his widdow head.

Deputy Administrator Gary Hanson would probably do a fine job in Bockman’s spot, and possibly not rub so many people the wrong way. The Board should have guffawed at the notion of such a raise. This is symptomatic of its unhealthy dependency on–and deference to–people we don’t get to vote for. It is the same situation that the DeKalb City Council is in.

Then there’s the pension angle, as described by Mac McIntyre:

The truth is it was Ray’s turn to cash in on the Average Last Four Years public pension scam. The loophole was discovered years ago but the practice has become so widespread in Illinois that it’s become accepted with hoodwinks and a few politically correct statements to the media. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the youth of today can look forward to a future as indentured servants to many in the generation that “stuck it to the man” in the 60s and are now hell bent on sticking it to their grandkids today. Public pension benefits are defined in the Illinois Constitution as a contractual right that cannot be diminished. Get used to it kids.


One thought on “County Administrator Gets Obscene Pay Raise”

  1. As a state employee, I can tell you that the “pension scam” only applies to certain individuals for whom extra pay can be granted with relative ease.

    In the civil service system, it is virtually (but not entirely) impossible to receive any bump in base salary unless the state authorizes a “catch-up” increment (to adjust to market conditions), or if you happen to be in the good graces of someone who is in the good graces of someone who is in the good graces of someone in administration who will approve the increase in base pay.

    While I don’t think Mac was saying that everyone benefits under such a system, I also don’t think he should paint the state pension system as the albatross that he thinks it is. I don’t pay in my Social Security portion of FICA tax, so the 8% the state takes from my paycheck is my version of Social Security.

    I don’t think anyone here at NIU is going to reward me with phantom pay bumps my last four years here, but I will be depending on the money I have been contributing (and which the state has been matching) to live on when my career is over.


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