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Northern Star and Daily Chronicle articles regarding Victor Wogen and his supporters’ pre-election smear mailer against opponent Steve Kapitan have been collected at Wogen Watch: A Watchdog for DeKalb, Illinois’ Third Ward, a blog of unknown origin established last weekend.

Let’s give this anonymous citizen more material, shall we? The next City Council meeting is Tuesday, May 29, at 7 p.m. Third Warders et al were sensitive to the occasion of the swearing-in earlier this month–and particularly to Vic Wogen’s daughters–but the urgency to get the disapproval into the public record has not waned. If you have something to say about Wogen in particular, or about honesty and trust in government generally, please fill out a comment card and take your place during the public comments portion of the meeting.

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  1. My pleasure! For me it’s great to access all the published material in one spot.

    Three of us spoke at the City Council meeting last night on the subject. Unfortunately, none were the people who have the petition. I had been under the impression that they would submit it into the record during public comments. Since there’s no “expiration date” on submitting it, perhaps they could still be prevailed upon to do so. Or maybe they’d be willing to pass off to another Third Warder to do it. It would be great to follow through, especially since there were people who took some trouble to sign it in person.

  2. Beware, of the so-called wogen watchers! That site is filled with HALF TRUTHS and/or LIES!
    The owner of wogenwatch should be arrested for slander!
    They are way worse than wogen and his so-called mailer!!!

  3. I know who you are from your e-mail address & would expect nothing less from a friend. But, it would be quite helpful if you were to specify exactly where the lies/half-truths are. Wogen Watch has reprinted newspaper articles, court records, e-mails and people’s public statements. Although I personally chose not to publish the court records here, they are ALL public record and nobody can sue for libel over publishing what’s already available in the public domain. I looked at them myself at the courthouse and so have a half-dozen other people I know.

    This is quite unlike the PERSONAL information presented in the “so-called Wogen mailer.” FYI if it is true that Wogen tampered with mail that wasn’t his, it’s a federal offense so if he’s smart he’ll stop talking about it. Donna Johnson also should be in trouble, for violating federal privacy laws. In fact, when all is said and done, Johnson sacrificed her reputation for a guy who doesn’t deserve it. Neither of them should hold public office again.

  4. Yinn- I hope viewing personal information about the Wogen’s has made you feel better about yourself. When a person actually takes the time out of their day to go all the way to the Courthouse to view someone elses personal info, you really need to stop & take a closer look at yourself. You do not know Victor personally & if you had, you’d know there are circumstances surrounding his personal finances. Some circumstances were WAY beyond their control. For instance, VICTOR ALMOST LOSING HIS LIFE IN A HORRIBLE CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!! HE WAS IN A FULL BODY CAST & COULDN’T WORK FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!!!!!!!! His wife had to quit her job so she could take care of him!!!!!!!!!!!!! You obviously have no heart at all Yinn!!!!! Same goes for all the other wogen watchers!!!!!!

  5. The point is, this is NOT PERSONAL INFORMATION, it’s PUBLIC. And Mr. Wogen is NOW A PUBLIC FIGURE. He didn’t have to be; he put himself there.

    And, yes, now that you mention it, going to the courthouse DID make me feel good about myself. For one thing, I didn’t depend on rumor to inform me but checked it out in person. And I feel really good that I haven’t had people suing me every year or two.

  6. It is PERSONAL INFORMATION YINN!!! IT’S VICTOR’S FAMILY PERSONAL INFO! I don’t care if he’s a public official or not.. I love the way that you just proved to everyone that you don’t have a caring bone in your body, & are a heartless human being, especially after I mentioned the fact about Victor almost losing his life!!! You know that did play a MAJOR FACTOR in regards to his debt!!!!! Not being able to work for a long period of time would play major havoc & cause overwelming debt in anyone’s life!!!! Unfortunate & tragic accidents Can happen to anyone, at any time, even Public Officials!!!!

  7. Victor was nowhere near losing his life, made the evening news, and got a nice settlement out of the accident.

    It is clear that this discussion is going nowhere. This is my last reply to you on the subject and any further comments will be deleted.

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