Wogen Insults Us

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Victor Wogen’s interview on WLBK insulted our intelligence and was chauvinistic to boot. First he says he delayed setting the record “straight” (as if that really happened this morning) to allow us hysterical petition-driving womenfolk to “calm down a little.” He still doesn’t admit that he knew exactly what was in the smear mailer. “The wife” has been stressed out but things will be peachy from now on. He thinks we should put our energies into fixing up Steve Kapitan’s house instead of crow-barring his butt out of that aldermanic seat. He will not resign, no matter the noise in support of it, unless he dies or is incarcerated.

I need a shower.

See, what he doesn’t get is that he will now always be associated with lying. He could be an actual, suffering, misunderstood SAINT but people like me who can’t stand being lied to will always perceive slime. He will be the most ineffective alderman ever. That is a crying shame for the Third Ward and for the city. He doesn’t get that he should resign for the good of the city.

Most of all, he doesn’t get that his interview made listeners like me committed to redoubling efforts to unseat him.

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  1. yinn,

    I have to disagree with one point. You wrote that Mr. Wogen will be the most ineffective alderman ever; at this point in the game, I don’t believe the people of the 3rd Ward much less the City, will allow that. The good citizens of DeKalb will be standing over his shoulder and watching and judging his every move.

    Be on the lookout for a citizen’s action committee for the 3rd Ward, looking to assist the the individuals of the 3rd Ward who actually need help rather than those whose properties are deemed in need to raise property values (per Mr. Wogen’s address this AM).

    Sign up sheets for those interested in helping will be available at the petition signing event on Saturday, May 5th.

    Christine & Sarah

  2. I see your point.

    One thing’s for sure, I now feel compelled to attend city council meetings in person instead of watching them on TV for the forseeable future.

    Looking forward to meeting you in person tomorrow!

  3. That guy still does not understand that two candidates working together to decide who should take on a third candidate robs the voters of their own rights to choose for themselves, which is an insult to the voters. A lot of people in the past fought very hard for the right to vote (former slaves, American Indians, women) and then later generations of people had to fight again to get rid of the poll tax in lots of areas (Civil Rights Movement). There are people in other countries who risk their lives to go vote. Elections belong to the people, not to a candidate who wants to work out a deal. Well, for someone who only voted twice out of the previous ten elections (on public record), I would not expect such a person to respect the rights of voters to make their own choice.

    Oh, copying and pasting a picture off a Web site (i.e. he claims the postcard person(s) took his family’s picture off a Web site) that he talked about on the radio is actually a federal violation of copyright law. It is not OK to copy and paste a picture off a Web site without asking someone for permission first!

    He still claimed not to know who did the postcard. Well, duh. That Web site that disappeared very quickly right after the election that was nothing but a picture of Kapitan’s house and the list of code violations had all the same markings as the postcard. He is either still lying or not smart enough to figure that out, and that Web URL was printed right on the postcard. I think I printed it before it disappeared. The URL on the postcard: http://www.betterdekalb3rdward.com now points to Grier Productions. Case closed. The postcard and Web site would have taken about three to four hours, probably faster, and those folks charge about $80 an hour for the ‘easy’ computer design stuff.

  4. Found it: This person figured out the ‘mystery’ of the postcard / disappearing Web site clear back on April 22nd and posted on the Chronicle Web site. If Wogen really wants to know who was behind the postcard, then he does not need to go any further than Wiegand:

    3rd Ward Resident wrote on April 22, 2007 9:34 PM:
    “The “Better 3rd Ward” website that is no longer available was registered to David Grier of Skokie. Google “David Grier Skokie,” you will find a website for Grier Productions. In the client section you will find a photo of Mr. Wiegand as President Teddy Roosevelt. It’s time for the entire story to be told, Mr. Wogen. “

  5. Grier did the website, but probably “somebody else” did the postcard, as I’ve heard it was a poor specimen of graphic design. Hmmm. We should check that postcard for an over-abundance of exclamation marks.

  6. If somebody else did the postcard, then Grier could sue the heck out of them for copyright violations and have them charged and fined as a criminal, or at least send them an angry letter for taking his work and making a mess out of it! Anything copied and pasted off a Web site without permission is stealing. It is the same as a student copying something out of a book. That can get a student kicked out of college for plagiarism and copyright violations if the publisher wants to pursue it.

    The postcard was a mess because someone probably did it really fast! The city clerk sent out the FOIA dated April 10th on April 9th (I am still wondering about the chronology). Someone had the postcards printed and at the Post Office by Friday the 13th (based on Wogen’s story about the Post Office calling Friday evening for more postage). A print shop can do something like that on a 24-hour turn around, especially for political ‘literature.’

    The grammar is pathetic on the postcard, but there are no exclamation marks.

    On a somewhat related topic, a friend of mine spotted two men with clipboards with Kapitan at his property around 5:00 p.m. on Friday, pointing at things on his house.

  7. Correction–there are two exclamation marks but not an over abundance of them on the postcard. “Vote for change” is on it three times. Well, we got change alright, although not a positive one.

  8. City staff needs a refresher course on the FOIA and Privacy Act of 1974. Both were clearly abused in this case. The address of Kapitan’s home is directly traceable to identify him personally. When a FOIA is submitted that asks for personal information then the subject of that FOIA must be notified in writing of 1) the name of the person requesting the info; and 2) the reason the info was requested.

    Maintenance of your residence is not a public duty, it is a personal responsibility. Therefore exemptions for public officials do not apply here. Donna Johnson says they comply with these type (code violation) FOIA requests all the time from Realtors or prospective buyers. Because you do something “all the time” does not mean it is legal. I seriously doubt Realtors or prospective buyers file FOIA requests for such info although I’m sure such information is asked for, sans FOIA.

    Yhe qualified reasons for filing FOIA for personal information under the Illinois FOIA do not include campaign mudslinging. In fact, that is one of the reasons for privacy provisions under both Acts. Your personal address should be protected from such abuse, and for safety concerns as well.

  9. I sure as heck did not get to file a free FOIA to find out what was wrong with the house I bought. The realtor and I worked out a deal to get a paid inspector there. I paid for the inspector and the realtor paid to get the leaky faucet fixed before close. And, the gutters, shingles, and roof were all in worse shape than I’ve ever seen with Kapitan’s house. I bought a nasty house with a sagging roof and weeds growing out of the gutters, fixed it up, and hired roofers. There was no talk at all about doing a FOIA.

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