Wogen Event This Weekend

Citizens for Wogen Resignation will hold a petition-signing event and rally this Saturday, May 5 from 1-5 p.m. on the southwest corner of 4th and Lincoln. It is described as “a peaceful event for those who wish to express their disappointment with Alderman-Elect Wogen’s actions.” Come out and support the 3rd Warders and other townies who want honest representation on the Dekalb City Council. Look for the canopy.

There’s a new link on the right (and slightly south, but probably not for long) that goes to the Citizens for Wogen Resignation website.

2 thoughts on “Wogen Event This Weekend”

  1. Yinn,

    I wanted to send an email, but can’t seem to find one for you. I read with interest your DKos diary post from last December titled “John Dean is Right: Impeach the Minions”. I never knew the history of Belknap — thanks for posting it.

    Not sure how you feel about impeaching the kingpins, but I wanted to bring your attention to:


    It’s a list of the 25 most recent comments made by real Americans participating in an online poll/letter-writing campaign concerning the impeachment charges filed against Cheney. The participation page is at:


    I’d like to ask two things of you:

    1) Participate in the poll yourself. Every voice added increases the power of this campaign exponentially. Participants have the option of having their comments sent to their senator, congressmen, and local newspaper editors. Make some noise!

    2) Spread the word. If anyone else has gotten in touch with you, let them know about it. Blog about it, leave messages on craigslist, on forums, use A28 chatter, send emails like this, etc.

    Over 25,000 Americans have already participated, and opinion is running 99% in favor of impeachment! Keep the momentum going — keep the comments flooding into DC and newspapers around the country. When the list hits 100,000, what will happen? What about when it hits a million?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Cheney SHOULD be impeached, of course. At the time I wrote the article it seemed unlikely, less so now but Cheney’s name is already mud anyway so I focused on the people who might be “recycled” in another administration down the road. I will check out the site. Thanks for stopping by.

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