District 428 Outsourcing Plan

An e-mail from a District 428 employee was forwarded to me today.

It is important for the residents of this community to know that the DeKalb School Board is quietly and discreetly trying to outsource their custodial, maintenance, and food service employees. These employees are your neighbors in the community, and they have had or continue to have their children come up through the DeKalb schools. Most importantly, they have attended to and worked tirelessly to ensure your children’s safety and well-being in the schools. Now the DeKalb School Board wants to replace them with outsiders—a company that has no ties to the community that will employ people that are not your neighbors and that have no roots in the community. Do you really want this to happen? Is this where you want your tax monies to go—to fund an outside company and the employees it will bring in instead of being loyal to the community and your neighbors who have worked for the District all these years? I hope not. Call or email a DeKalb School Board member immediately and tell them a resounding “NO” to outsourcing custodial, maintenance, and food services in the District.

These neighbors and others will speak at the next District 428 school board meeting held Thursday, April 19 at 7:00 p.m.–at Huntley Middle School at 7th and Taylor streets instead of the usual location. To e-mail the board your thoughts in the meantime, try board@dist428.org.

2 thoughts on “District 428 Outsourcing Plan”

  1. Hello City Barbs, I want to thank you for the article on Blackwater building a compound in our backyards. I live in the Illinois Quad Cities and have been following developments about Blackwater ever since the four contractors in Iraq got ambushed. This is one scary outfit. Thank you again for shedding some light.
    Carol D.

  2. Whoops, Carol D.’s in the wrong spot but that’s OK. You are quite welcome, I’m sure.

    Back to topic. I hear that as it stands now, the only way that our neighbors can keep their jobs at the schools is to accept cuts in pay & benefits averaging $18,000 per person. Instead of bargaining with the union in good faith, the board has decided on a blackmail thang. Boo hiss.

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