Hastert Where Are You?

Once again residents of the 14th district try to speake to J. Dennis Hastert their absentee representative. This week he is in Arizona and southern California raising money for other Republicans. Some fools are paying a $1,000 just to have their pictures taken with him.
Yet right here in his own districts constituents without checkbooks in their hands are ignored.

He thinks he has this election sewed- up. However there are many grassroot groups working to bring him down. From peace groups to immigrant rights groups, etc coupled with being investigated by the FBI, and other federal investigators for the Turkish FBI tape scandal, his ties with Abramoff, his other ties to lobbyists, and his unethical land deals, this November there is going to be a shock wave come out of the 14th district that is going to catch the national media flat footed again, as John Lasesch pulls the upset of the decade, maybe of the century.

Below is a report of just one of many visits and demonstrations that take place at his office in Batavia and even if the National media and the local media isn’t paying attention the voters are, and they are growing tired of it.

Nation Wide Declaration of Peace Campaign
Begins With Speaker Hastert

A Congressional Declaration of Peace was delivered to Speaker Hastert on August 16th at his Batavia, Illinois office. Representatives of the DeKalb Interfaith Network for Peace and Justice, Fox Valley Citizens for Peace, Voices for Creative Non-Violence, along with a veteran, and a Gold Star mother started the nation wide effort to persuade Congressmen to back legislation to bring U.S. troops home.

“Mr. Hastert has an opportunity to lead the Congress in a new direction that is more supportive of the true American values of peace, self-determination, and respect of human rights for all,” said Dan Kenney, spokesperson for the group said.

“We left Brad Hahn, Mr. Hastert’s press secretary, a copy of the peace pledge and called upon Mr. Hastert to support the establishment and activation of a comprehensive, concrete and rapid plan to end the US war and occupation in Iraq.”

The Peace Pledge also lists 8 points that include withdrawal of US troops and all coalition forces, closure of US military bases, support of an Iraqi peace process, reparations and reconstruction, as well as increased support for US veterans of the Iraq war.

The Declaration of Peace Movement consists of more than 100 religious and peace organizations committed to establishing a comprehensive, concrete and rapid end to the war. Supporters of the peace campaign also have set a deadline of Sept. 21 for lawmakers to establish “a plan for peace in Iraq,” Kenney said. If the deadline isn’t met nonviolent action will take place in the Chicago area as well as all over the nation.

“Every day that Congress refuses to act to end the Iraq war, an average of 2 U.S. soldiers dies, along with dozens of Iraqi civilians, many of them children, and it is costing the 14th district over $1.1 million per day.” Kenney cited.

The photographs of 107 Illinois soldiers who have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq were displayed on the iron fence in front of Hastert’s office.

A spokesman for Hastert’s office said the group’s letters and messages were forwarded to Hastert.

“He absolutely will know about it and may already know about it,” Brad Hahn said Wednesday night.

Rosemarie Slavenas, mother of Army National Guard Pilot Brian Slavenas, stated that her son’s death certificate read ‘homicide’. She also said that his helicopter was not adequately protected which led in part to it being shot down near Fallujah.

Congressional Declarations of Peace were also delivered to the offices of Rep. Mark Kirk, R-Highland Park, and Melissa Bean, D-Barrington, on Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Hastert Where Are You?”

  1. Well, I’ve never been a fan of Hastert’s & don’t mean to be discouraging but IMO Laesch is definitely a long shot. Laesch hasn’t nearly the exposure & only a fraction of the finances needed to change that. Truly I think it would take Hastert being indicted before the election in one of these lobbying scandals to turn the tide.

  2. I guess I’m a dreamer at heart–an idealist in my soul–and try to remain limitless in my thinking… but if enough people get fed up for enough different reasons and they all take their frustration into the polls they could do it—the biggest hurdle is getting them all to believe their vote could make a difference, and to give up thinking because Hastert has $i million and Laesch $10,000 that the election has already been sold and paid for –so why bother?

  3. trees, I have a confession to make. I know more than I’ve said so far. So here goes.

    I would never say, “don’t bother,” or call a thing impossible, having seen a few “impossible” things happen in my day. I just don’t see a basically unknown challenger winning this year unless there ends up being a huge change, a blast of a “throw the bums out” wave arising from the lobbyist investigation hitting criminal pay dirt soon w/Hastert implicated. The best chance will come in ’08 if Hastert retires as expected, providing a more level playing field.

    And it’s not just the money. People have to like the candidate, too. IMO if Laesch played his cards right he could be in a good position come ’08–except that so far he hasn’t played them right. His campaign has blundered in ways that have made him look foolish & cost him support both before & after the primary. Rich Miller of The Capitol Fax blog even posted an article there on 8/15 entitled, “John Laesch is a Jerk.” Somehow he continues to squander the goodwill of his natural supporters. How does he win doing that?


    Okay, Porky McHastert may not be indicted, but it’ll be a miracle if he doesn’t step down within the next couple of weeks.

    There is a God!

  5. oomingmak,

    Gee, thanks. I do look pretty good in blue. Question: do you know what would happen if Hastert steps down at this point? Does the GOP get to put anyone they want in there? I’d feel a lot better if Hastert leaves at a time when we could have a real election from scratch.

    To complicate this, it looks like Ruben Zamora is considering a write-in campaign. Don’t know that it would be very productive, but I bet he’s thinking about it because people are begging him to.

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