Thank You, Northern Star

I would be remiss if I didn’t express my appreciation about an edited version of the “Open Letter to Kris Povlsen” appearing yesterday in the Perspective section of the Star. That same letter plus three previous LTTEs critical of the Business Center project were ignored by the Daily Chronicle. After this frustrating and disillusioning shutout, you will not find a person more grateful for the opportunity to express her opinion in print once more. Thank you to Andy and the Northern Star.

3 thoughts on “Thank You, Northern Star”

  1. Actually, I was kind of shocked. The aldermen were working on a plan & I thought we might actually be able to live with it when they were through. But then Rockefeller pulled out & Keating insulted all of us. What a strange ending…uh, but you’re right, I’m not displeased, in the end.

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